Lipstick Bruises.com is the official online store providing women with different products such as jewelry, clothing and cosmetics. These products have been hand picked and selected by very prestigious professionals and are offered to you on Lipstick Bruises to fulfill your desires.


Lipstick Bruises is a simple metaphor for a “kiss print” from a woman’s bold colored lipstick.

As styles in clothing and hairstyle change with the decades, one fashion statement that continued to stay firmly placed in the fashion industry are the colored lipsticks that many women wear. Bright colored lipsticks have been around for centuries, with red being the most popular color. Red lipstick can make any women feel her sexiest allowing her to stand confident and strong, complimenting the color of her bold, luscious lips, no matter what size, skin tone, or shape she has.

Lipstick Bruises represents unique women who know who they are as an individual and managed to find themselves in such a harsh world. Knowing who you are as a person and what you want out of life is a very important aspect and is well needed especially when pursuing and completing a life’s Goal. We represent women who have ever had to fight for what they wanted and managed to overpower any obstacle and still stayed beautiful on top of everything. We believe beauty ranges from one end of the horizon to the next. Our mission is to maintain and uplift women of all ages mentally and physically to help build that level of confidence that she needs to become successful and feel sexy while doing it. We are experienced individuals who know Life can be harsh strenuous and out of control sometimes, but it can also be easily relaxed as a kiss on a bruise.